I spent the last 3, hell 5 years trying to be something I’m not. No regrets, really. I learned a lot. It’s just that I found myself climbing up a ladder I didn’t need to simply because I could.

And in the climb I let go of some things, some integral things. I traded my substance for lightness because I had become addicted to the feel of rung after rung.

At first it was exhilarating. The view, the feeling of the breeze.

But as I shed more and more of myself the lightness turned to a sort of breathlessness

and in the thinning air I began to wonder where

Was I going?

What was I after?’


The ground felt heavy and humbling after being away for so long.

But soon I realized I was surrounded by the sprouted seeds of all the things I had dropped.  It was me again but fresh and juicy and only the parts I wanted waiting to be cherry picked and put back on in new combinations like timeless vintage couture.

What glorious rummage!

What fabulous finds!

It had not been a total waste after all.



Paper Towels Below

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